Swiss Personalized Health Network

The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) is a national initiative designed to promote the development of personalized medicine and personalized health in Switzerland.


SPHN will lay the foundations that are needed to facilitate research projects in this area such as a system for a nationwide exchange of health-related data.


The ultimate goal is to promote health and well-being, to prevent, diagnose and treat unfavourable health conditions more precisely, thus reducing the risk of developing such conditions and permitting more effective treatments of disease states with fewer adverse effects.

1st Joint Personalized Health Day Switzerland

23 March 2018, Bern. More information



Upcoming Events

Personalized Health Technologies and Translational Research Conference 2018

18-21 June 2018, ETH Zurich. More information

11th European and Global Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine, Targeted Delivery and Precision Medicine

2-5 September 2018, Basel. More information

SPHN-ESPT Summer School

24-27 September 2018, Campus Biotech, Geneva.

FEAM Conference in Precision Medicine and Personalized Health

28 September 2018, Campus Biotech, Geneva.

GA4GH 6th Plenary Meeting

3-5 October 2018, Basel. More information

First ICPerMed Conference

20-21 November 2018, Berlin. More information

The second SPHN call for proposals 2018 is now open

The second SPHN call for proposals 2018 is now open. Applications can be submitted until 30 June 2018.


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News about infrastructure implementation projects

The five Swiss University Hospitals have committed to building compatible clinical data management systems. A corresponding common collaboration agreement has been signed by all parties by the end of 2017.


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