International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is composed of international experts. The Board provides advice, expertise, and peer–review of funding proposals and of the initiative as a whole.


Prof. Russ Altman

Stanford University, USA

Prof. Søren Brunak

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Prof. Iain Buchan

University of Liverpool, UK

Dr. Joan Dzenowagis


Prof. Jan Hazelzet

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Marie-Christine Jaulent

INSERM, France

Prof. Paul Klenerman

University of Oxford, UK

Prof. Oliver Kohlbacher

University of Tübingen, Germany

Prof. Dan Roden

Vanderbilt University, USA

Prof. Amalio Telenti

The Scripps Research Institute, USA


The IAB has the following duties:


  • peer-review and assessment of funding proposals: the IAB will provide funding recommendations to the National Steering Board (NSB);

  • provide advice on strategy to the NSB and priorities/scientific themes to the Scientific Expert Board (SEB);

  • perform a review of SPHN every two to three years.


  • Prof. Russ Altman