Scientific Expert Board

The Scientific Expert Board (SEB), formerly called Executive Board, is a scientific advisory group to the National Steering Board (NSB).


The SEB must cover the whole disciplinary range relevant to personalized health.


Prof. Bernd Bodenmiller

Technolomics (University of Zurich)

Prof. Manolis Dermitzakis

Technolomics (University of Geneva/SIB)

Prof. Denis Duboule

Technolomics (EPFL)

Prof. Christian Lovis

Bioinformatics (HUG/University of Geneva)

Prof. Andrew Macpherson

Clinical science (Inselspital)

Prof. Olivier Michiélin

Clinical science (CHUV/SIB)

Prof. Holger Moch

Clinical science (University of Zurich/USZ)

Prof. Vincent Mooser

Swiss Biobanking Platform (CHUV/University of Lausanne)

Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch

Public Health, Human Biomonitoring Project (University of Basel/SwissTPH)

Prof. Gunnar Rätsch

Bioinformatics (ETHZ/SIB)

Prof. Thomas Schulthess

Data science (CSCS)

Prof. Michael Schumacher

Data science (HES-SO)

Prof. Torsten Schwede

Data science (University of Basel/SIB)

Prof. Radek Skoda

Clinical science (USB)

Ex officio member

Dr. Adrien Lawrence

Managing Director SPHN


The SEB has the following duties:


  • Provide strategic advice on future development of SPHN such as the next funding period to the NSB in the form of a written report;
  • Review projects funded by SPHN and provide guidance to the investigators. The SEB reports to the NSB regularly;
  • Contribute to scientific events for SPHN and represent SPHN at national and international scientific events in the area of personalized health;
  • Present proposals and motions in all matters to be submitted to the NSB meetings.


Chair: Prof. Torsten Schwede

Vice-Chair: Prof. Olivier Michielin