Based on the Funding Principles and Funding Regulations, the Swiss Governement has allocated a total of CHF 68 million to SPHN for the first period 2017-2020 of which 50 million are under the responsibility of the National Steering Board (NSB) and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS).


The remainder is dedicated to the BioMedIT project which is under the responsibility of SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. The matching funds principle applies to all financial contributions, i.e. the participating institutions must provide their own contributions (in cash and/or in kind) to match the funds provided by SPHN (see Factsheet).


SPHN will support projects that fall into one of the instruments described in the table below. In the long-term, public health & healthy citizen data will also be integrated.


Call for proposals 2017

The first SPHN call for proposals aimed at the development of a national interoperable research infrastructure ecosystem for competitive personalized health research. The proposals are now being evaluated.

Further funding opportunities

Proposals for research projects related to the SPHN initiative (except proposals for infrastructure projects) can be submitted to existing funding instruments of the
Swiss National Science Foundation. These proposals will be in competitions with other proposals in biology and medicine. 


European funding opportunities


For more information on H2020 2018 -2020 Health Calls please visit the websites from Euresearch