Event sponsoring

SPHN event sponsorship is designed to primarily (objectives are cumulative):


  • Increase visibility of the SPHN initiative as a whole;


  • Inform the community on infrastructure development and research activities in the field of Personalized Health, while breaking existing silos between different research areas;


  • Disseminate information about existing or newly built infrastructure, that will contribute to the goals of SPHN on reaching interoperability of health-related data at the national level.

Sponsoring criteria

Requests for SPHN event sponsorship is subject to the following criteria:


  • Topic: The conference program has a strong relevance to the activities and goals of SPHN and contributes to breaking silos among the different disciplines of Personalized Health research;


  • Location: The event (conference, workshop, roundtable, summer school, etc.) is organized and takes place in Switzerland;


  • Amount requested from SPHN: The SPHN conference sponsorship can either be a fixed lump sum (max. CHF 5’000.-) or a deficit guarantee (max. CHF 20’000.-);


  • Budget: The budget indicates all sources of funding (planned, requested or allocated) as well as anticipated expenses. The conference budget shall not aim at creating a profit for the parent organization;


  • Matching financial support: the matching financial support from the applicants shall be at least equal or greater than  (>=50%) the amount requested from SPHN;


  • Acknowledgment: SPHN is acknowledged as sponsor in conference presentations/proceedings;


  • Terms and conditions: The sponsorship conditions are contractually stipulated. In the case of a deficit guarantee, the sponsored party shall submit a financial report with details on the actuals costs to SPHN. In case the event closes on a surplus (positive balance), the sponsors shall be reimbursed proportionally to their contributions.



Related documents:

Event Sponsorship Guidelines (version: 16.05.2019)

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How to submit a request?

Applications are reviewed 3-4 times per year and should be submitted no later than 2 months before the event.


The next application deadlines are:

  • 15 August 2019 (23h59 CET)
  • 3 October 2019 (23h59 CET)


Applications should be made using the application template and  submitted via the online form.