Technical documents

For Technical documents such as the SPHN Information Security Policy, please consult the respective page on the website of the Data Coordination Centre

Journal articles about SPHN

The Swiss approach to Precision Medicine

Swiss Medical Weekly, 2018.  Link


Ein ethischer Rahmen für den Austausch von Gesundheitsdaten / Un cadre éthique pour l’échange de données

Schweizerische Ärztezeitung / Bulletin des médecins suisses, 2017.

DOI:  10.4414/saez.2017.05941


Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN): Die nationale Initiative im Überblick / L’initiative nationale en un clin d’œil

Schweizerische Ärztezeitung / Bulletin des médecins suisses, 2017.

DOI: 10.4414/saez.2017.05640

Ethical Framework Methodology

The methodology that led to the Ethical Framework included a systematic analysis of international guidelines and is described in a Report.


This work was further expanded and resulted in a publication.

Previous versions of the SPHN framework documents

Rules of Procedure (5.12.2016) (validity: 2016-05.2018)

Compensation Regulations (27.9.2016) (validity: 2016-2017)

Compensation Regulations (27.2.2018) (validity: 1.1.2018-9.11.2018)

Funding Regulations (1.3.2017) (validity: 2017-06.2018)

Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing within SPHN (Version 1, 12.6.2017) (validity: Call for Proposals 2017 & Collaboration Agreements)