Data Coordination Center

The Data Coordination Center (DCC) is managed by SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and is responsible for the definition of common technical data standards, harmonization of semantics, data storage formats, data security, data management and quality control.


The DCC closely collaborates with university and hospital IT departments, biobanks, and the registries of existing and new cohorts. In essence, the DCC drives the interoperability of the various clinical and –omics data.


The DCC is advised by members of the former Data Expert Group. Further information can be found on the DCC website.


Figure: Distributed ecosystem of interoperable and sharable data resources and compute capacity. RDN: Regional Data Node; DCC: Data Coordination Center


The Data Coordination Center (DCC) has the following duties:


  • Define common technical data standards, harmonize semantics, data storage formats, data security, database management and quality control;


  • Organize annual tests to assess the shareability and interoperability of data as prescribed in the Collaboration Agreement between SAMS and the University Hospitals;


  • Assess and communicate to the Management Office if the projects funded by SPHN have met their milestones;


  • Present an annual business plan and budget to the National Steering Board and provide regular updates;



  • Coordinate with the Management Office on matters of communication, meeting organization, calls for proposals, and website updates.

Data Coordination Centre & BioMedIT project

The Data Coordination Centre and the BioMedIT project are led by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. For further information:


DCC website

SIB Newsletter from November 2017