Data Expert Group

The Data Expert Group (DEG), which was part of the Data Coordination Center (DCC) located at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, was responsible for defining standardized procedures for data production, data organization and data storage in order to reach nationwide interoperability of molecular and clinical patient data.


The DEG included experts from all institutions involved in SPHN. It has defined the infrastructures required to build a progressive and shareable data system that enables nationwide data interoperability.


Following the completion of its mandate in 2017, the DEG was dissolved. Members of the DEG have now an advisory role towards the DCC.


Prof. Ron Appel

SIB/University of Geneva

Prof. Michael Baudis

University of Zurich/SIB

Prof. Jürg Blaser

University of Zurich

Dr. Remy Bruggmann

University of Bern/SIB

Dr. Laurence Chapatte

Swiss Biobanking Platform

Dr. Emmanuel Eschmann


Johannes Gnägi

eHealth Suisse

Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux


Dr. Nathalie Jacquemont


Dr. Alexander Leichtle


Prof. Christian Lovis

Bioinformatics (HUG/University of Geneva)

Prof. Olivier Michiélin

Clinical science (CHUV/SIB)

Markus Obreiter


Prof. Christiane Pauli-Magnus


Prof. Milo Puhan

University of Zurich

Prof. Gunnar Rätsch

Bioinformatics (ETHZ/SIB)

Nicolas Rosat


Prof. Patrick Ruch


Dr. Caroline Samer


Prof. Torsten Schwede

Data science (University of Basel/SIB)

Dr. Nicolas Vuilleumier


Prof. Ioannis Xenarios

University of Geneva & Lausanne

Prof. Mihaela Zavolan

University of Basel/SIB


The aim of the DEG is to elaborate and define:


  • common technical data standards;
  • harmonize semantics;
  • data storage formats;
  • data security;
  • database management;
  • data quality control.


The DEG is further responsible for the elaboration of a technical roadmap for implementation, responsibilities (tasks) and operation of the national Data Coordination Center (DCC)

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