Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is responsible for scientific and operative tasks and comprises experts from a variety of disciplines such as clinical sciences, medical/clinical bioinformatics, public health, epidemiology, translational and/or clinical human research.


Prof. Bernd Bodenmiller

Technolomics (University of Zurich)

Prof. Manolis Dermitzakis

Technolomics (University of Geneva/SIB)

Prof. Denis Duboule

Technolomics (EPFL)

Prof. Christian Lovis

Bioinformatics (HUG/University of Geneva)

Prof. Andrew Macpherson

Clinical science (Inselspital)

Prof. Olivier Michiélin

Clinical science (CHUV/SIB)

Prof. Holger Moch

Clinical science (University of Zurich/USZ)

Prof. Vincent Mooser

Swiss Biobanking Platform (CHUV/University of Lausanne)

Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch

Public Health, Human Biomonitoring Project (University of Basel/SwissTPH)

Prof. Gunnar Rätsch

Bioinformatics (ETHZ/SIB)

Prof. Thomas Schulthess

Data science (CSCS)

Prof. Michael Schumacher

Data science (HES-SO)

Prof. Torsten Schwede

Data science (University of Basel/SIB)

Prof. Radek Skoda

Clinical science (USB)

Ex officio member

Dr. Adrien Lawrence

Managing Director SPHN (SAMS)


The EB has the following duties:


  • coordinate the requirements of data infrastructure, data semantic, scope of coordination, etc. with the Data Expert Group;
  • provide projects, themes, and call for proposals suggestions to the NSB that the SPHN Initiative could support;
  • coordinate the collaboration in data collection and research in the field of personalized medicine;
  • present proposals and motions in all matters to be submitted to the NSB meetings.


Chair: Prof. Torsten Schwede

Vice-Chair: Prof. Olivier Michielin

Next EB meetings

22 March 2018 (12h15 - 14h00)