SPHN contributes to the development, implementation and validation of a coordinated data infrastructure in order to make health-relevant data interoperable and shareable in Switzerland for research.

Rather than building a new centralized database, SPHN adopts a decentralized approach and aims to establish interoperability of health-related information by building a dynamic scalable network of data providers based on common standards for formats, semantics, governance, and exchange mechanisms.


The Data Coordination Centre (DCC) is responsible for the coordination of these activities in order to achieve nationwide interoperability.


Figure: Distributed ecosystem of interoperable and sharable data resources and compute capacity. RDN: Regional Data Node; DCC: Data Coordination Center

To develop and implement the required infrastructure, SPHN will support projects that fall into one of the following instruments:


Infrastructure Implementation projects

Infrastructure Development projects

Driver projects


Results of the second call for proposals

The results of the call for proposals 2018 are available. More information

Results of the first call for proposals

The results of the call for proposals 2017 are available. More information

Data Coordination Centre & BioMedIT project

The Data Coordination Centre and the BioMedIT project are led by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. For further information:


DCC website

SIB Newsletter from November 2017