Results of the second call for proposals coordinated with the ETH SFA PHRT

During this second call for proposals, a total of 38 applications were received – 20 Infrastructure development project applications and 18 Driver project applications, including 6 applications that requested co-funding by PHRT and SPHN. The total budget requested for all project applications was CHF 31.8 million.


Based on the recommendation of its International Advisory Board, the National Steering Board of SPHN decided to support 5 Infrastructure developments projects and 5 Driver projects for a total amount of CHF 9.65 million, of which 3 will be co-funded by SPHN and PHRT. 

Funded projects in 2018

The following projects will be funded fully or in part and for some, funding is subject to specific conditions. 


Infrastructure development projects 



  • Consortium: CHUV/UniL, HUG/UniGE, Inselspital/UniBE, USB/UniBS, UZH, SIB.
  • Main applicant: Anita Rauch.


SwissPKcdw: Optimising paediatric dosing regimens based on a clinical data warehouse.*

  • Consortium: University Children’s Hospital Zurich and Basel, ETHZ, University of Basel.
  • Main applicant: Christoph Berger


Swiss BioRef: Personalized reference values for precision medicine.*

  • Consortium: Inselspital, HUG, Paraplegic Research, Kinder Spital USZ, CHUV.
  • Main applicant: Alexander Leichtle


*These projects have been submitted as Driver projects but will be funded as Infrastructure development projects.



Infrastructure development projects co-funded by SPHN and PHRT


MedCo: Enabling the Secure and Privacy-Preselving Exploration of Distributed Clinical and *Omics Cohorts in the SPHN.


QA4IQI: Quality Assessment for Interoperable Quantitative CT-Imaging.

Consortium: USB, ETHZ, HES-SO, CHUV, Inselspital, USZ.

Main applicants: Bram Stieltjes (SPHN) & Ender Konukoglu (PHRT).



Driver projects 


SACR: The Swiss Ageing Citizen Reference.

Consortium: Swiss TPH, IUMSP/CHUV, UniGe, USB/UniBS.

Main applicant: Nicole Probst-Hensch


CREATE PRIMA: Clinical Research from multi-modality big data sources without proprietary interfaces in a multicenter approach.

  • Consortium: University of Basel, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Cantonal Hospital Baselland (KSBL), Cantonal Hospital Aarau (KSA), Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen (KSSG), Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale Bellinzona (EOC).
  • Main applicant: Joerg Leuppi


IMAGINE: Radiomics for comprehensive patient and disease phenotyping in personalized health.


SOIN: Swiss Ophthalmic Imaging Network.



Driver Project co-funded by SPHN and PHRT


SHFN: SWISSHEART Failure Network.



The list can also be downloaded as PDF


No other call for proposals within the funding period 2017-2020 is foreseen. 

Project description

A short description of the 2018 awarded projects will be published once the projects have started:


Infrastructure development projects 

Driver projects

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